Lottery Cash Machine Review

So, this Lottery Cash Machine Review is obviously a bit out of the IM niche and all, but I used to play the lottery on a weekly basis so when I saw the Lottery Cash Machine software I was pretty interested with the idea.

For those of you that don’t know, the LCM (long name!) software uses a complex algorithm to track previous lottery winning numbers, losing number, hot and cold numbers, and even “overdue” numbers that are ready to pop off. I used to try to look at the numbers of past winners in order to create a winning system.

Watch the Lottery Cash Machine review video I put together below to find out how the software does this on it’s own.


What Does The Software Have To Offer?

Instead of spending hours picking numbers randomly, the Lottery Cash Machine software tracks and logs all the winning numbers from lotteries worldwide (and it is updated DAILY). Then, it runs the past numbers through it’s complex algorithm in order to generate the most profitable combinations for the upcoming lottery.

Before we get too far into this, let me show you all the countries that are covered. But, if you don’t see your country be sure to watch my video review where I show you how you can use the software in any country in the world.

Lottery Cash Machine Software

Once you choose your country you will be able to choose your state or province, and finally, just pick the the game for the selected state/province. For example, after picking USA and selecting California all I would do is choose which lottery game I want to play.

Just like the picture below, the system will analyze the previous numbers and give you list of hot, cold, overdue, and even 10 combinations that the creator suggests you use because it harnesses the power of the software. Check it out…

Lottery Cash Machine reviewIt’s really up to you what you want to do. I would personally use the combinations because that is really using the power of the software, but you could always grab a few hot, cold, and maybe some overdue numbers to create your own combo.

Other Features?

Daily Updated “5 Top Jackpots”- This is a cool feature for anyone looking to do some international gambling. I have never done it myself and don’t know how to go about it, but I could bet it’s possible. Here’s a pic of the 5 top jackpots…

5 Top JackpotsHave I Won? – This is one of my favorite features. Have you ever gone to the gas station to check a HUGE pile of lottery tickets? I have, and it takes forever. Now you don’t have to leave your computer to check for winning tickets. This is how you do it using the software.

Did I winJust enter your numbers, select the number of draws, and hit the “have I won” button. No more half our trips to the gas station!

Frequency Chart – If you like picking your own numbers you will love the frequency tracker because it breaks each number of the selected lottery by how many times it has won based on the time settings (see the picture below). You can actually get a glimpse of how the software works in red.

In this example, it has analyzed the numbers from the draws between 8/25/12 and 2/13/13, which is just about 6 months of lottery pulls, or 50 total draws as you can see.

frequency chartAlternate software for ALL countries - If your not one of the countries listed above then you will want to use the “alternate software”. All you have to do is select the tab at the top of the members area. Then, simply pick the lottery game as you see below.

alternate software

Finally, just punch in the winning combinations from the last 10 draws and click submit. These numbers are easily found at the state or country lottery website.

alternate software1

Lottery Cash Machine Review Conclusion

Pros -

  • Worldwide, any country, any lottery
  • Extremely quick and easy to use
  • Tons of ways to use the software (see above)
  • Free webinar training
  • “Have I Won” feature (see above)
  • Updated DAILY

Cons -

  • A bit pricey ($119 lifetime membership)
  • Ads in members area

Upsells -

  • Lifetime access for $119

4starsOverall, I think that the Lottery Cash Machine software is pretty powerful – much more powerful than picking random numbers. There is a number of ways to use the software, and even if your country isn’t available in the list above you can still use the system. That includes any country worldwide.

The downfall is always the price which is $59.99 every 3 months, or $119 for the lifetime membership. Hmmm, I wonder which one I should go for? As you can see, they almost force you to get the lifetime membership, but for anyone that loves playing the lottery the lifetime membership is probably the best choice overall.

If you enjoyed my Lottery Cash Machine review and your ready to get started just click the button below!


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